Foothill Fangs

Why buy Foothill Fangs

  • Foothills sells a tooth cap that is totally adjustable to fit a person's natural bite (they have a worldwide patent on the design).  Competitors sell a big cap that goes over the gum and is not adjustable.  
  • The Foothills Alpha One Thermoplastic putty has no taste or odor and is NON TOXIC.  Competitors are cement and has a chemical smell.
  • The Foothills tooth cap is so slender it fits inside competitors cap.  You can tell the difference between Foothills and other fangs from across the room because the other fang bulge out much further than natural teeth.  
  • You can drink cool beverages wearing the Foothills fangs, but you cannot with any other fangs.  Even competitors own instructions caution people not to drink while wearing their fangs.  
  • If the consumer does not apply the competitors cement correctly the first time the consumer must go back to the store and spend more money for refills.  With Foothills if you don't get it right, it’s not a problem, just melt the Thermoplastic putty again in a glass of warm water and adjust until the fit is just right - so no refills are required.



About Dracula House

Foothills Creations Ltd is located in Boulder, Colorado, and was first started as Foothills Distributing Co., in 1968.  In the early 1970’s Foothills began to emerge into the Halloween field, and became the largest Halloween distributor in the Rocky Mountain Region.  When Halloween trade shows began to be created in 1985, Foothills decided to specialize in fewer items, offering exclusive Halloween products that other companies did not offer, and began selling these products nationwide.  In 1994, because there was no good method of applying universal fangs, Foothills developed and patented the NON-TOXIC Alpha 1 Thermoplastic method of applying universal fangs, which we called the created product, Custom Dracula Fangs.  With the formulation of our Alpha 1 application, which creates a fang specific to your bite, and will not inadvertently fall out, but allows yout to easily take them in and out of your mouth, our Custom Dracula Fangs have never been eclipsed by any other brand of universal fangs.

In 2005-006, we redesigned and patented our fangs to be even more comforatable and better attaching than what we previously had.  Our “Perfect Bite” line of Fangs (which includes our Alpha 1 application) are absolutely the best universal fangs on the market!  This line of fangs is called our new ‘Custom Designer Fangs’, which includes our Custom Designer Dracula Fangs.  These are called Custom Designer Dracula Fangs, Custom Designer Sexy Bites, Custom Designer Werewolf Fangs, Custom Designer Double Upper Fangs, etc.

Because of their ability to be able to easily talk with, and their superior attachment and comfort, Custom Designer Dracula Fangs and other Custom Designer Fang products have been used in the theatre and cinema, and are love by the actors.

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